The next Republic (1848-1852)Right here you will find an extremely small whole away from Abrevard to help you Grenoble

The next Republic (1848-1852)Right here you will find an extremely small whole away from Abrevard to help you Grenoble

Immediately following Chairman Bonaparte got installed given that Emperor Napoleon third, the next Empire already been

The next Republic (1848-1852)As the earliest adhesive shipping stamp for the France was provided inside the 1949, not every postoffice appear to have become available with all of them in early level. Here we have an entire, addressed with the solicitor during the St. Etienne, created on may 24, 1852. It’s plain old round deviation and you may arrival press and therefore big date zero blog post people’s ped “25”, representing the new postal fees and paid off by sender.

It is frequently an excellent circulaire you to definitely advised the customers of business “Gayet ainsi que Comp”, your corporation could be recognized to any extent further because the “Gayet, Gourd et Villard”

The very last admission we have found a complete out-of Paris so you can St. Chamond. New interesting area let me reveal, one though there isn’t any adhesive stamp, Paris appear to integrated the newest costs away from 25c in their game departure stamp.

The initial admission to the next Empire continues to be in the place of postage press that’s a complete out-of Anduze so you can Loriol. Created for the September 13, 1853 and you may full of departure and you can arrival day stamps. The latest environmentally friendly oval stamp has got the brands of your sender (Fesqu et Fils Anduze)The fresh postage is actually a give stamped “25”.

Next entry are on same transmitter, however, that it whole try off Anduze so you can Nimes. New uncommon part would be the fact in addition it keeps a bent handstamp out of Valence-S-Rhone, that is in the 100km for the northern. Possibly there can be a small misunderstandings in regards to the destination, due to the fact Valence is within the departement Drome that will be created tiny about spot.

Napoleon third(next Kingdom 1852-1870)That it whole is written out of Saluzzo from inside the Italy and you will handled to help you Mr. Despine in Turin. We come across a couple of characters so you can him before, however the guy appears to have went off Turin so you can Chambery. He has started addressed just like the having additional characteristics on the armed forces, nevertheless now he or she is a leader and deputy within the Parliament. The newest page ran out of Saluzzo to your September 6, 1856 in order to Turin, in which it showed up towards bery, in which it actually was gotten towards the ps is a lime hand stamp, which i can not read as well well, but you to seems to me personally, “redirected” inside the Italian. It will have the familiar post man’s mark.

Napoleon third(next Empire 1952-1870)This entire, authored into the November 31, 1858, ran regarding St. Etienne to help you Nimes and you will try carried from the illustrate travel out of Lyon in order to Marseilles. (It was really immediately after 1842, one France reach devellop a genuine rail program.)The fresh new rounded p off Nimes. New postage aparently has grown so you’re able to 31 centimes.

This entire is actually Italian and is written in Bonifacio towards Oct 12, 1859 and you may arrived in Marseilles into 16th otherwise eighteenth. Bonifacio staying in Corsica, the latest page need travelled more ocean. It’s treated to your Sicilian Consul. Discover an excellent oval black colored hand stamp, about what I can decypher Bonifacio, however, I really don’t learn whether or not this is certainly a good postal e postage: 29 centimes.

(1804-1814) To your firstly January 1810, it mention is actually delivered off Lyon to help you Carcassonne. On target was the usual “7” and you may black colored stamped Lyon. The second entire is actually authored on may twenty six, 1811 and you can flew of Tours in order to Carcassonne. The fresh new address has a beneficial stamped “TOURS” and you may a number a lot more than it while the common black draw appears eg good “9”. Brand new secure features a keen imprint of one’s initials of sender.

France and Canton off Bern signed a binding agreement regarding shipping arrangements to own mail between them nations. Each other was in fact divided for the areas; inside the France, it absolutely was Delle and you may Ferney. Due to the fact Chambery was at the latest border region off Ferney, they acquired a black stamp from “C. F.2. D”. It’s the usual postman’s p:”37 VIENNE”. it has a spherical date stamp: 1 Dec 1828, but I can not pick, whether or not that’s departure or coming go out. The brand new addressee is actually an excellent Notary in the Grenoble and that target take a look as adequate. There clearly was a black colored handstamp: “ST ps. The latest letter has been displayed 2 days just after it had been authored. They are both sent by exact same person, exactly who calls himself “All round” and are also both handled so you’re able to Mrs Gilchrist in London.

The next Republic(1848-1852)Another entire is a lot like the last that. It is very delivered of Saluzzo and appears to me a beneficial job application to possess a professional soldier. It offers new black hand-stamp “SALUZZO p away from “15 Dic”. A blog post man’s mark and a circle in black colored.

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