Stratigon Finance Private Company


​Stratigon Finance is a newly founded Private Company but it also is the product of the joint efforts of two highly experienced female executives. Stratigon offers strategic business consulting services focusing on SME creation, competitiveness and extroversion. Its core business empowers SMEs as well as physical persons through robust strategic planning, intelligent business modelling, vocational training, the identification and promotion of innovation and, of course, through securing private, or national funding. Stratigon’s vision is to disseminate best practices and innovative ideas acquired through international work experience and use cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency in its consulting services.

APROXIMAR, Social Solidarity Cooperative


Aproximar is a NGO aiming to enhance people, communities and organisations’ human and social capital as a strategy to strengthen their capacity to take advantage of the existing and emergent challenges and opportunities. The mission is accomplished daily by co-designing and developing tailor-made social innovation, good practices exchange and transfer driven projects, besides delivering its own pack of empowering and capacity building services: training, consultancy and social intervention. Aproximar develops, implements and provides services in 4 main sectors: 

1) Education, Training and Social Capital; 

2) Social Economy, Entrepreneurship and Employability; 

3) Criminal Justice System; and 

4) Active Ageing and Dependent Care. 

Our offer (programmes) always combine social science (knowledge), active methods (people) and suitable tools (technology).





SCCN is a bottom-up, scientific, non-profit association with a democratic 5 member elected Board, which was established in 2017 with 46 members, all scientists (Adults’ Trainers, Vocational and business consultants, mentors, experts in financing), working voluntarily. In the case of programs’ implementation, some of these members work under limited-time contracts. It acts all over Greece in the field of the so-called “3rd sector”, in terms of entrepreneurship development, professional guidance, education, sports, culture, social policy, and inclusion & gender equality. Its main activities include: – the development of 3rd sector & social business & the promoting of entrepreneurship & employment through consultancy & training of individuals, organizations, native & non-native small business owners & disadvantaged people, -the professional counseling to students -the promoting of inclusion, gender equality & equal opportunities, culture & environmental issues.